Facts in Fiction by mystery author Judy Penz Sheluk

Facts in Fiction by mystery author Judy Penz Sheluk

It is a pleasure to welcome Judy Penz Sheluk back to my blog! She’s here to share a bit of background about her latest mystery, A Hole In One, the second book in her Glass Dolphin Mystery series. The novels follow the investigations of amateur sleuth Arabella, an antiques dealer in Lount’s Landing. You can read my review of this enjoyable mystery on Goodreads.

Take a moment to learn more about her latest release and the real man who inspired the name of her fictional town.

Facts in Fiction by mystery author Judy Penz Sheluk

Judy Penz Sheluk Jennifer S. Alderson blog Readers of my Glass Dolphin Mystery series know that the book is set in the small, historic town of Lount’s Landing. While Lount’s Landing is fictional, the man who it was named after—Samuel Lount—was very real.

Samuel Lount was a blacksmith and farmer who lived in the village of Holland Landing. He was also a member of a Quaker sect called the Children of Peace.

In late November 1837, Lount, on behalf of Mackenzie, approached the Children of Peace to join in a political march on the legislative buildings. In a brief skirmish at Montgomery’s Tavern, two members of the Children of Peace were killed. Lount, referred to as Colonel Lount in legal documents of the time (although he had no military background) was captured and arrested.

In spite of a personal plea for mercy from Lount’s wife to the governor, he was hanged for treason on April 12, 1838, along with another supporter of the cause, Peter Matthews.

As the two men passed fellow prisoners on their way to the scaffold, Lount is reported to have said, “We die in a good cause; Canada will yet be free.”

Judy Penz Sheluk Jennifer S. Alderson blog
A plaque outside of the Holland Landing Community Centre, commemorating Samuel Lount.

It stood to reason that THE HANGED MAN’S NOOSE, book one in my Glass Dolphin Mystery series, would have some focus on Samuel Lount, and indeed, the book’s title is the name of a pub on the town’s historic Main Street (the owner is a history buff).

A HOLE IN ONE, book two in the series, was released March 6, 2018. This time the fictional Miakoda Falls Golf & Country Club was inspired by the Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club in Holland Landing, where I was a ladies’ league member for many years. Of course, I’ve yet to hit a hole in one – or find a dead body. Still hoping for the first, and quite happy to keep the second firmly rooted in fiction.

Hole 3 at Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club.


Find out more about Judy and her books on her website and Amazon.

You can also read my interview with her here.

Judy is also one of a hundred or so authors participating in Mystery Thriller Week this year! You can sign up now to be kept up-to-date about the live events, giveaways and sales going April 12–24 by clicking here. We look forward to chatting with you during Mystery Thriller Week!



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