Spotlight on travel author Richard Clark

Spotlight on travel author Richard Clark

It is my pleasure to welcome travel fiction and non-fiction author Richard Clark to my blog today! He is here to tell us more about his latest release and first foray into fiction – The Lost Lyra.

Spotlight on travel author Richard Clark

The Lost Lyra is my first novel after a career of some 40 years in journalism and writing non-fiction books about Greece. Since I gave up the long daily commute to London 2 years ago to concentrate on writing books full-time, I had wanted to write a novel, but was daunted by the process. It was more comfortable for me to stick with what I knew. I always work on one book with the idea for the next one percolating somewhere in my mind, so it was easier for me to move onto my next travelogue rather than take on the challenge of writing fiction.



I suppose the success of the travel books gave me the breathing space to concentrate on writing a novel that, those of you who know my books will not be surprised to find out, is set in Crete. I think the story must have been forming in my mind as I immediately started writing it on returning from a stay on the island.

The central character of the story is a lyra. This hauntingly beautiful musical instrument is the beating heart of traditional Cretan music. In the novel, the lyra becomes a motif that links two stories, the first set during World War II and the second in modern times where the past collides with the present in the mountains of Crete.

Once I got the first few words down on paper, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Unsure as to whether it had any merit I was lucky enough to have an experienced editor who agreed to look at the book chapter by chapter. His encouragement saw me through to the end and since then, with the help of a number of author friends I nipped and tucked it into shape ready for my editor who in turn waved her magic pen over the manuscript.



The result is a book I hope people will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was liberating to be free from the shackles of real life and let my mind wander through time and over the Cretan landscape I so love. Of course, it was hard work but I must have taken pleasure from it as I already have an idea forming for the next novel which I hope to tackle after I finish the next travelogue which I am currently writing.


About the Author

Richard Clark is the author of ten travelogues about Greece. He is a writer and journalist who has worked on many of the top newspapers and magazines in the UK. Six of his books have topped the relevant Amazon bestseller charts on both sides of the Atlantic. He divides his time between his homes in Kent and the island of Crete. The son of author the late Douglas Clark, this is his first novel.

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The Lost Lyra

The Lost Lyra is set in the UK and the Greek island of Crete during the Second World War and the present day.

*In war-torn Crete, a young resistance fighter makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his English comrade. His passing gift changes lives forever.

*A grieving young musician sets out to discover the truth about the past and finds her own future.

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