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Jennifer S. Alderson (1972) worked as a journalist and website developer in Seattle, Washington before trading her financial security for a backpack. After traveling extensively around Asia and Central America, she moved to Darwin, Australia, before finally settling in the Netherlands. Home is now Amsterdam, where she lives with her Dutch husband and young son.

Jennifer’s travels and experiences color and inform her internationally-oriented fiction.

Her first novel, Down and Out in Kathmandu: A Backpacker Mystery, is a travel fiction adventure through Nepal and Thailand.

The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery, her second book, is a suspenseful ‘whodunit?’ which transports readers to wartime and present day Amsterdam.

Both are part of an on-going stand-alone series following the adventures of traveler and culture lover, Zelda Richardson. The third installment, another art-related travel thriller (Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery) will be released in March 2018.

Her travelogue, Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand, is now available as paperback and eBook. It is a must-read for those interested in learning more about, or wishing to travel to Nepal and Thailand.


Learn more about Jennifer: 

On this site you’ll find excerpts of interviews she’s taken part in, as well as articles and guests posts she’s written or contributed to.

You can also pick up her books as paperback and eBook on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble NOOKKobo or your favorite retailer.

Her novels are also for sale at several Dutch bookstores and gift shops: Caffe il Momento, Boekhandel Vrolijk, Athenaeum Boekhandel, The American Book Center, Reisboekhandel Pied a Terre, and the De Amsterdamse Boekhandel.



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