Travel and writing go hand-in-hand for me. My novels are set in the Netherlands, Dutch New Guinea (Papua), Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Nepal, Thailand, Panama and Costa Rica: Down and Out in Kathmandu (2015), The Lover’s Portrait (2016), Notes of a Naive Traveler (2017), Holiday Gone Wrong (2018), Rituals of the Dead (2018) and Marked for Revenge (2019).

The Zelda Richardson Mystery Series

Marked for Revenge: An Art Heist Thriller (Book 3)

Marked for Revenge An Art Heist Thriller Jennifer S Alderson author mystery Turkey Croatia Netherlands museums art crime theft

An adrenaline-fueled adventure set in the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, and Turkey about stolen art, the mafia, and a father’s vengeance.

When researcher Zelda Richardson begins working at a local museum, she doesn’t expect to get entangled with an art theft, knocked unconscious by a forger, threatened by the mob, or stalked by drug dealers.

To make matters worse, a Croatian gangster is convinced Zelda knows where a cache of recently pilfered paintings is. She must track down an international gang of art thieves and recover the stolen artwork in order to save those she loves most.

The trouble is, Zelda doesn’t know where to look. Teaming up with art detective Vincent de Graaf may be her only hope at salvation.

The trail of clues leads Zelda and Vincent on a pulse-pounding race across Europe to a dramatic showdown in Turkey that may cost them their lives.

Available as paperback and eBook in May 2019!


Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery (Book 2)

Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery thriller Amsterdam Papua New Guinea suspense travel fiction

Art, religion, and anthropology collide in this dual timeline thriller set in Papua and the Netherlands.

“History comes alive in this story as Zelda photographs the diary, unearthing a story of murder, greed, missionaries and artifacts. It is not a book one puts down easily.” – Janice J. Richardson

Awards: Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion winner, Chill with a Book’s Readers Award, Official Mystery Selection in New Apple 2018 Summer Book Awards, and more…

Available as audiobook, paperback and eBook from Audible US, Audible UKAmazon COM, Amazon UKiBooks, Barnes and Noble, AbeBooks, BAM or Book Depository.

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The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery (Book 1)

The Lover's Portrait An Art Mystery Jennifer S Alderson art crime, art history, mystery, thriller, Amsterdam, amateur sleuth

One painting. Two claimants. Three murders. A captivating dual timeline mystery set in WWII and present-day Amsterdam.

“Gripping mystery…the suspense is intensely magnetic and the characters equally captivating.” – BookLife Prize for Fiction 2017, #14 Mystery Category

Awards: Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion winner, Silver Cup winner in the Mystery category of Rosie’s Book Review  Team 2017 Awards; One of The Displaced Nation’s 36 Top Expat Fiction Picks of 2016; Chill with a Book’s Book of the Month in January 2018, and more…

Available as audiobook, paperback and eBook from iBooksAmazon COM, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, Audible US, Audible UK, Audible France or Audible Germany, AbeBooks, BAM or Book Depository.

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Adventures in Backpacking:

Holiday Gone Wrong: A Short Travel Thriller

Holiday Gone Wrong Jennifer S Alderson short mystery thriller storyZelda Richardson is back on the road – destination Panama and Costa Rica. On her agenda: learning to scuba dive, exploring rainforests, and climbing a volcano. Not on her to-do list: capturing the attention of a drug dealer, buying illegal artifacts at a local market, or becoming the target of a tourism scam. Will she ever be able to go on holiday without it turning into an international incident?

“Every time I read a Zelda novel I get an incredible urge to travel! The author does a fantastic job with setting and making you feel as if you were there. This short Zelda adventure is a perfect ‘amuse-bouche,’ giving the reader a glimpse of author’s knack for story-telling.” – author Tempeste Blake

Download the eBook now from Amazon.

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Down and Out in Kathmandu: A Backpacker Mystery


A naive volunteer gets entangled in a smuggling operation in Nepal.

“Better than anything else I’ve read lately, this one was a joy to come back to daily.” – Amazon VINE VOICE review

Available now as paperback and eBook from Amazon COM, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, BAM, AbeBooks or Book Depository.

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Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand  Travelogue

Notes of a Naive Traveler travelogue Nepal Thailand Jennifer S Alderson travel memoir

A must-read for those interested in learning more about – or wishing to travel to – Nepal and Thailand.

Part guidebook on culture and travel, part journey of self-discovery, this travelogue takes you on a backpacking adventure through Nepal and Thailand and provides a firsthand account of one volunteer’s experience teaching in a Nepali school and living with a devout Brahmin family.

“I recommend it for anyone thinking about taking a trip … anywhere.” – author Rebecca Carter

Available as eBook and paperback on Amazon COM, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, BAM, AbeBooks or Book Depository.

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Adventures in Backpacking Box Set

Adventures in Backpacking Box Set: Down and Out in Kathmandu, Holiday Gone Wrong, Notes of a Naive Traveler, A travel mystery, thriller and memoir to fuel your wanderlustGet your passport ready! These exciting tales will transport you to exotic locations in Nepal, Thailand, Costa Rica and Panama for three trips of a lifetime.

An eclectic mix certain to satisfy – or perhaps ignite – any (armchair) traveler’s wanderlust. Read this box set now to find out which applies to you!

Available as eBook and paperback from Amazon comBarnes & Noble, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, AbeBooks, BAM, Book Depository, or your favorite online bookstore.

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Jennifer S. Alderson’s books on Goodreads

The Lover's Portrait
The Lover’s Portrait (Adventures of Zelda Richardson #2)

reviews: 77

ratings: 155 (avg rating 4.18)


Rituals of the Dead
Rituals of the Dead (Adventures of Zelda Richardson #3)

reviews: 35

ratings: 57 (avg rating 4.25)


Down and Out in Kathmandu
Down and Out in Kathmandu (Adventures of Zelda Richardson #1)

reviews: 38

ratings: 67 (avg rating 3.88)


Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand
Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand

reviews: 17

ratings: 41 (avg rating 3.95)


Holiday Gone Wrong
Holiday Gone Wrong (Adventures of Zelda Richardson #1.5)

reviews: 5

ratings: 20 (avg rating 3.30)




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