The Adventures of Zelda Richardson series

Travel alongside backpacker and culture-lover Zelda Richardson to Nepal, Thailand, the Netherlands, Dutch New Guinea (Papua), Costa Rica, and Panama in my adventure-inspired series of mystery thrillers: Down and Out in Kathmandu: A Backpacker Mystery (2015), Holiday Gone Wrong: A Short Story (2018), The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery (2016), and Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery (2018).


Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery (Book 3)

Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery thriller Amsterdam Papua New Guinea suspense travel fictionAvailable as audiobook, paperback and eBook from Audible US, Audible UKAmazon COM, Amazon UKiBooks, Barnes and Noble, AbeBooks or Book Depository.

Stolen artifacts, a missing anthropologist, and a pesky amateur sleuth. American art history student Zelda Richardson is pulled into a world of shady anthropologists, missionaries, art collectors, headhunters, and smugglers, where the only certainty is that sins of the past are never fully erased. Set in Amsterdam and Dutch New Guinea (Papua), art, religion, and anthropology collide in the exciting historical and present-day thriller.

“I enjoyed every single line of the book, but my favourite parts were the flashbacks where the author offers a glimpse of a culture that I know very little about. The chapters set in Papua and New Guinea, the insights into the life and rituals of the Asmat people are, in my opinion, priceless.”

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The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery (Book 2)


Buy the audiobook, paperback or eBook from iBooksAmazon COM, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, Audible US, Audible UK, Audible France or Audible Germany, AbeBooks, BAM or Book Depository.

Missing masterpieces, Nazi blackmailers and a pesky amateur sleuth. American art history student Zelda Richardson discovers clues to the whereabouts of a cache of missing masterpieces buried somewhere in Amsterdam, hidden away in 1942 by a Dutch art dealer who’d rather die than turn his collection over to his Nazi blackmailer.

Winner of a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award; Silver Cup Winner of Rosie’s Book Review Team Awards 2017 in the Mystery category; One of The Displaced Nation’s Top 36 Expat Fiction Picks of 2016, and Number 14 in the BookLife Prize for Fiction 2016, Mystery category, and more.

“Firmly set in Amsterdam, this enjoyable mystery explores the darker world of misappropriated and stolen art works during World War II….A good insight, via fiction, into the dark world of stolen artefacts, well researched and written with a good pace…”

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Holiday Gone Wrong: An Adventures of Zelda Richardson mystery thriller series short story (Book 1.5)

Holiday Gone Wrong Jennifer S Alderson short mystery thriller storyBy the eBook now on Amazon.

Zelda Richardson is back on the road – destination Panama and Costa Rica. On her agenda: learning to scuba dive, exploring rainforests, and climbing a volcano. Not on her to-do list: capturing the attention of a drug dealer, buying illegal artifacts at a local market, or becoming the target of a tourism scam. Will she ever be able to go on holiday without it turning into an international incident?

How did Zelda Richardson get from Nepal in Down and Out in Kathmandu to Amsterdam in The Lover’s Portrait? This short story will help fans better understand this unintentional amateur sleuth’s decision to study art history and give new readers a taste of her tantalizing misadventures.

“Every time I read a Zelda novel I get an incredible urge to travel! The author does a fantastic job with setting and making you feel as if you were there. This short Zelda adventure is a perfect ‘amuse-bouche,’ giving the reader a glimpse of author’s knack for story-telling.” Tempeste Blake

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Down and Out in Kathmandu: A Backpacker Mystery (Book 1)

Available now as paperback and eBook from Amazon COM, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, BAM, AbeBooks or Book Depository.

Zelda wants to teach children English and “find herself” in Kathmandu. Ian wants to get stoned and trek the Himalayas. Tommy wants to get rich by smuggling diamonds. How their stories collide will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Similar to The Beach, Are You Experienced?, Losing Gemma and Backpack, Down and Out in Kathmandu: A Backpacker Mystery is the perfect book for lovers of backpacker fiction and (mis)adventure novels.

“An excellent novel full of travel stories for the new or current backpacker. Anyone who has backpacked, thrown themselves naively into another culture, will be able to relate to this, and should read it.”

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Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand 

Notes of a Naive Traveler travelogue Nepal Thailand Jennifer S Alderson travel memoir

Available as eBook and paperback on Amazon COM, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, BAM, AbeBooks or Book Depository.

I never thought I would have reason to say to someone, “Sorry I’m late, it took longer to dismember the goat than originally planned.”

Part guidebook on culture and travel, part journey of self-discovery, this travelogue takes you on a backpacking adventure through Nepal and Thailand and provides a firsthand account of one volunteer’s experience teaching in a Nepali school and living with a devout Brahmin family.

Notes of a Naive Traveler is a must-read for those interested in learning more about – or wishing to travel to – Nepal and Thailand. I hope it inspires you to see these amazing countries for yourself.

“Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand is a heart filled journey through the eyes of a young nomad who had the courage to exchange Starbucks for Stupas. So pack your bags and enjoy your trip. Just be sure to bring hand sanitizer.”

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Adventures in Backpacking Box Set

Adventures in Backpacking Box Set: Down and Out in Kathmandu, Holiday Gone Wrong, Notes of a Naive Traveler, A travel mystery, thriller and memoir to fuel your wanderlustAvailable as eBook and paperback from Amazon comBarnes & Noble, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, AbeBooks, BAM, Book Depository, or your favorite online bookstore.

Get your passport ready! These exciting tales will transport you to exotic locations in Nepal, Thailand, Costa Rica and Panama for three trips of a lifetime.

Join amateur sleuth Zelda Richardson in two thrilling crime fiction adventures guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping – Down and Out in Kathmandu and Holiday Gone Wrong. Then immerse yourself in the fascinating traditions and glorious sites of Asia, as described in the travelogue Notes of a Naive Traveler.

An eclectic mix certain to satisfy – or perhaps ignite – any (armchair) traveler’s wanderlust. Read this box set now to find out which applies to you!

A travel mystery, thriller and memoir to fuel your wanderlust. Each book in this bundle is a standalone story.

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