Tiger Caves Monastery, Krabi Provence, Thailand. Jennifer S Alderson, travelogue, Notes of a Naive Traveler
Tiger Caves Monastery, Krabi Provence, Thailand.

Tiger Temple Caves in Krabi, Thailand

This is one of my favorite photos of a trip to Tiger Temple Caves in Krabi, Thailand, simply because this monk is so into his work! And what a great space to work in…

This trip to Thailand and Nepal inspired two books: Down and Out in Kathmandu and Notes of a Naive Traveler. Here’s a short excerpt from my travelogue about this cave complex:

January 10, 2000: Krabi

We also visited the interesting Tiger Temple Caves. It’s a series of caves and tiny huts that together form a Buddhist monastery. In most caves, tiny Thai monks sat underneath enormous stalagmites sewing robes, fixing chairs, and cooking food.

Dotted along a jungle path, leading from one cave to another, were small huts literally big enough for a small man to lie down inside, and that’s it. These are the monks’ quarters. More like deprivation chambers. In a way, they are sensory deprivation chambers for the monks’ meditation purposes. On our walk, we also came across Buddhist nuns digging up roots and trimming leaves to be used in medicinal drinks and powders. The beauty of the jungle was slightly marred by all the electricity wires connecting the meditation huts to the main power grid.”

– from Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand

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