You are currently viewing Welcome to Mystery Thriller Week!

Welcome to Mystery Thriller Week!

After blogging about it for weeks, the event to end all events (at least for Mystery and Thriller lovers) has finally begun!

‘Name the Character’ Mega Giveaway

To celebrate Mystery Thriller Week, I’ve set up a ‘Name the Character’ Mega Giveaway, giving fans a chance to name a character in my upcoming art mystery thriller The Anthropologist and win this fabulous prize package.

Jennifer S. Alderson blog mega giveaway

Enter now via my blog, Facebook, or Goodreads!

Twenty other lucky entrants will win one of my eBooks.

[Tip: you can also enter the eBook competition by commenting with the name of a country you’d like to visit.]


Special One Time Only Sale

To celebrate Mystery Thriller Week, I’ve set up a special, once a year sale you won’t want to miss!

Pop by my first ever LIVE Facebook event this Sunday, February 12 from 2 – 3 p.m. EST to find out how much you can save and for how long!

Or check my Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads accounts to get all the details after February 14. My books have never been, and will probably never be again, so cheap!!!


Featured Articles

Two articles I’ve written for fellow Mystery Thriller Week authors are now live!

Here’s a short excerpt of my post, ‘Before They Were Authors’ on Judy Penz Sheluk’s book blog.

“I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and I love learning new things. As a result, my career path has taken many twists and turns along the way. Before my novels were published, I worked as a journalist and editor for regional newspapers, then as a multimedia developer for large corporations, before finally transitioning into my latest role as collection researcher and project assistant for museums. All of the jobs and experiences I’ve had have influenced my writing by inspiring and informing storylines, plot twists, and characters…”

Read the rest here.


Homomonument in Amsterdam, the world’s first monument erected to honor homosexual victims of the Nazi Regime.

Author and artist Rosa Fedele featured my article, ‘Why Amsterdam is the Perfect Setting for an Art Mystery’ on her fabulous blog, newsletter and portfolio website!

“Amsterdam is the perfect setting for an art-related mystery, especially one in which the looting of artwork by the Nazis during World War Two plays a central role. My second novel, The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery is about an American art history student who finds clues to the whereabouts of a collection of masterpieces hidden somewhere in Amsterdam, secreted away in 1942 by a homosexual art dealer who’d rather die than turn his collection over to his Nazi blackmailer.

I can safely say if I hadn’t moved to Amsterdam to study art history twelve years ago, I never would have written this novel. My life here as an expat and art history student, as well as the turbulent history of this amazing city and its many museums, directly inspired the storyline and several of the characters.”

Read the rest of my Guest Blog Post on Rosa Fedele’s blog here.


Early Reviews

I’m thrilled to see four reviews of my novels already placed by Mystery Thriller Week reviewers!

Check out this fabulous 5 star review of Down and Out in Kathmandu by author and reviewer JB Richards on her blog now.


I’m pleased to see author and reviewer Colin Garrow enjoyed The Lover’s Portrait and gave it four stars! Check out his review on his blog now.


Author and blogger Roxana Nastase also choose Down and Out in Kathmandu and I’m happy to see she gave it four stars, writing “the characters are well-developed and believable” and “The twists in the plot are good enough to keep the reader’s interest.” Read her full review and an interview with myself and my lead character Zelda Richardson on her blog now.


Book reviewer and blogger, Jackie of the “fallinlovewiththesoundofwords” book blog, wrote a detailed 3 star review of Down and Out in Kathmandu that is currently on Goodreads. I appreciate knowing what did and didn’t work for her. Most of all I’m pleased to see her review finish with: “However, the ending was amazing. It was fast paced and I had no idea which direction it would go. I am very happy with the outcome, and I can’t wait to read more of Zelda Richardson’s travels!”


I wish you all much reading pleasure during Mystery Thriller Week!

Jennifer S. Alderson

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