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Spotlight on contemporary fiction author Eva Pasco

Eva Pasco is an Indie author I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since I joined Facebook. She’s supportive, generous with her time, and a great author to boot! I am thrilled she is also a member of Travel By Book. I hope you enjoy learning more about her books, favorite reads, and addiction to fragrance. Happy Holidays, everyone!


Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your books and writing career.

Eva Pasco Jennifer, thank you for the invitation to feature me on your blog.

My writing career began after retiring from a teaching position in elementary education. Midlife restlessness prompted me to rekindle my passion for storytelling by composing fiction that taps into significant issues affecting the lives of women. My novels in the genre of Contemporary Women’s Fiction are distinguished for their character-driven plots which feature flawed and feisty female protagonists over forty: Underlying Notes and An Enlightening Quiche.  Both of these novels are strongly influenced by the local setting of my native state, Rhode Island, through its historic landmarks, geographic entities, and regional culture.

My writing career also incorporates having published essays on the subjects of Rhode Island (Rhode Reads), and the Sixties (Retro ‘60s Flashbacks), featured on my web page at Authors Den, along with my weekly blogs pertaining to the life of a writer.

A busy bee these days, in October 2017, I launched my Nonfiction memoir collection, 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s.  I’ve written Mr. Wizardo, a novella for an upcoming anthology titled, Once Upon a Fabulous Time, in collaboration with Indie Fabs: Aliya DalRae, R.M. Gauthier, JB Richards, Lyra Shanti, and JoanneVan Leerdam.


If you were packing for a long trip, which book would you take and why?

Only one?  It’d have to be The Wonderful World of Oz by L. Frank Baum, published in 1900. Considered the first official American fairytale and fable, I recall signing it out of my school library week after week in third grade so I could read it over and over. I loved it that much—still do. For me, it symbolizes the imagination’s unbound flight to magical realms where dreams come true on wings of belief and determination.


Where do you do your best writing?

My best writing takes place cerebrally everywhere but at my desk.  That’s when plot twists and turns overtake conscious awareness of the task at hand.  It’s when phrases and dialogue fall into place.  All of this necessitates that I scribble whatever channels through me on a legal pad set aside for these random thoughts.


Eva PascoTell me something about yourself that has nothing to do with writing?

I’m a fragrance aficionado. I took piano lessons with instruction in classical composition.

I once had my own craft-making business—“Goosebumps Country Crafts”.  I peddled samples of my wares to home parties, with all products available for special orders.  Several local shops took my dolls on consignment.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

My favorite sedentary activities are reading and working on challenging crossword puzzles. When I’m on the go, I enjoy taking day trips along Rhode Island’s coastline.  My favorite pastime of all is walking the shoreline at any season or time of day.


What makes you uniquely qualified to write your novels?

Eva PascoMy unique qualifications to write the novels I’ve published thus far, manifest themselves through plot and setting.  As previously mentioned, the setting of my native state of Rhode Island plays a pivotal role in advancing my stories. So do past experiences. The plot for Underlying Notes ties in with my own fragrance obsession, and mimicked similar real-life experiences at an online fragrance forum.

In An Enlightening Quiche, my summer employment at the now defunct Sidney-Higgins Bookbinding Co., formed the basis of those antiquated operations described in the novel’s mill.

It goes without saying that growing up during the Sixties qualified me to compose my memoirs contained in 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s.


Why do you write in your chosen genre?

I primarily choose to write in the genre of Contemporary because it’s my favorite genre to read. I’ve always gravitated toward lit with wit and grit. From my perspective, I feel I can hold my own with the strong female protagonists I create.  They can trust me to do right by empowering them.

Writing in the genre of Contemporary gives me wide latitude to explore the gamut of inner conflicts which plague the human condition, such as:  convention vs. rebellion; fate vs. free will; loyalty vs. betrayal; unbridled love vs. sacrifice.


Why do you write stand-alones?

Eva PascoFrom a writer’s point of view, I enjoy embarking on a new adventure with a clean slate.

From a reader’s point of view, I want the luxury to envision the characters’ future using my imagination once I’ve reached the end.


Do you read books by other authors when working on a first draft, or do you prefer not to?

One of my goals to support my fellow Indies is that of reading and reviewing their books.  Although my TBR pile is knee-deep, I strive to read a little each day to honor this commitment. I view reading the works of others as one of many ways to perfect my craft.



Connect with Eva on Authors Den, Goodreads or Facebook. You can find her books on Amazon. Signed copies of An Enlightening Quiche and 100 Wild Mushrooms: Memoirs of the ‘60s are also available via the Authors Den.


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