Spotlight On…

Spotlight On…

It is an honor to welcome so many talented authors and bloggers to my website! Click here to see the complete list of ‘Spotlight On…’ interviews and articles I have featured on my blog.

Here are a few highlights:

Spotlight On Crime Fiction Author Anja de Jager

Spotlight on historical mystery author Harriet Steel

Spotlight On Historical Fiction Author Imogen Matthews

Spotlight on historical fiction and mystery author Victoria Blake

Spotlight on mystery author Kait Carson

Spotlight on biographer Joanna Kafarowski

Spotlight on mystery author Daniella Bernett

When God Created the World by Dora Ilieva

Spotlight on Tempeste Blake

The Power of Place by Mary Angela

Genre Identity and The Author’s Voice by Janice J. Richardson

Spotlight on mystery author Lucia N. Davis

Ten Tips and Techniques for Creating a Sense of Place in the Reader’s Mind by Andrew Cairns

Spotlight on comedy thriller author Rob Johnson

Spotlight on historical fiction author Kathryn Gauci

Spotlight on historical fiction author Vanessa Couchman

Spotlight on historical fiction author Lesley Downer

Interview with Expat Fiction author Annika Milisic-Stanley

The Birth of a Novel by Pamela Allegretto

MTW: Review of Fast Track to Glory and TalkingLocationWith Tomasz Chrusciel


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