Spotlight On…

Spotlight On…

It is an honor to welcome so many talented authors and bloggers to my website! Here you will find links to the interviews and articles I have been lucky enough to feature on my blog.


Spotlight on contemporary fiction author Eva Pasco




Travel By Book to Africa and the Middle EastTravel By Book to Africa and the Middle East





Daniella BernettSpotlight on Mystery author Daniella Bernett





Desert Skies, Rebel Souls MP TonnesenInterview with M.P. Tonnesen: Desert Skies, Rebel Souls Blog Tour




Dora Ilieva The Master‘When God Created the World’ by mystery author Dora Ilieva



Spotlight on Joni Dee




Travel By Book to North America





Serve, Protect, Bury: True-life Adventures and Moments of Epiphany





Abbie Chandler Adaline ChaseSpotlight on Abbie Chandler and Adealine Chase



Jennifer S Alderson blog Riley Peak series Tempeste Blake Chasing Gravity Chasing Symmetry romantic suspense mysterySpotlight on Tempeste Blake





travel by book to Europe The Lover's Portrait An Art Mystery Jennifer S. Alderson, Pamela Allegretto, Daniella Bernett, Vanessa Couchman, Jane Dunning, Helena Halme, Dora Ilieva, Elizabeth Gates, Kathryn Gauci, Rob Johnson, Laura Libricz, Effrosyni Moschoudi, Katerina Nikolas, Sarah Ridout, Patricia Sands, Suzi Stembridge, Stephanie WoodTravel By Book to Europe (focus on fiction)





Jennifer S Alderson blog historical fiction author Alison MortonSpotlight on Historical Fiction author Alison Morton




Jennifer S Alderson blog Melissa Burovac, Bob Cooke, Lynda Filler, Janice Horton, Jerry Last, Brenda Mohammed, Nancy O’Hare, Paul Russell Parker III, Heidi Siefkas, Kristina StanleyTravel By Book to Latin America and the Caribbean





Mary Angela Passport to Murder Jennifer S Alderson blogThe Power of Place by Mary Angela




Travel By Book to Europe Non FictionTravel By Book to Europe via Non-Fiction Memoirs and Travelogues





Jennifer S Alderson blog Robert KrenzelSpotlight on Historical Fiction author Robert Krenzel



Jennifer S. Alderson Janice J. Richardson Grave MistakeGenre Identity and The Author’s Voice by Janice J. Richardson



Travel By Book to Asia




Why read the book if you can watch the movie? by Robbie Cheadle


The Man Who Fooled the Third Reich by Maggi Andersen




Spotlight on mystery author Lucia N. Davis



Ten Tips and Techniques for Creating a Sense of Place in the Reader’s Mind by Andrew Cairns




Introducing Sojourner McConnell, author and book blogger



Introducing Amy Shannon, author and book blogger



Interview with Expat Fiction author Annika Milisic-Stanley




The Birth of a Novel By Pamela Allegretto




Stories Everywhere by Beth Green




A Blonde Bengali Wife and Me by Anne Hamilton




Write What You Know By Jill Dobbe





How Traveling Abroad Turned Me into a Writer By Melissa Burovac




Fiction and Memoirs written by Expats and Travelers





A Tale of a Dinosaur Tail By Catherine Dilts





MTW Review of Casket Cache and interview with author Janice J. Richardson





Literary Heroes and Amateur Sleuths by Colin Garrow




MTW Review of Choke and interview with author Kaye George








Cracking open Davey Jones’ Locker by Michael Smorenburg





Spotlight on Leta Serafim




Spotlight on Judy Penz Sheluk





Talking Location with Tomasz Chrusciel





MTW: Mystery and Thriller Passport Theme





Durban, South Africa as setting for DEADLINE by Zaheera Walker






Setting as a Viewfinder for African Thrillers by Sarah Key






MTW: Art-related Mysteries and Thrillers Theme






Looting of Saddam Hussein’s Palaces in Iraq by Paul Russell Parker III





MTW: Historical Mysteries and Thrillers Theme





Sailing the Atlantic for Research by Marie Silk





Mystery Thriller Week: Amateur Sleuth Mysteries and Thrillers Theme


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