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Theresa Smith Writes Behind the Pen and Staying in with Linda Hill

I am again touched by the kindness and support book bloggers lend to us authors. It is truly appreciated! Today I would like to share two new posts – Behind the Pen feature on Theresa Smith Writes Book Blog and Staying in with… on Linda Hill’s Book Blog. Both were wonderful ways of connecting with new readers. I also enjoyed ‘visiting’ Australia again, thanks to Theresa Smith.

If you love to read, both sites are well worth your time!

Behind the Pen feature on Theresa Smith Writes Book Blog

My favorite hippie paradise, murdering characters, Darwin, Australia and more…

What is your favourite scene from one of your books and why?

Two standout in my mind. Describing Ian finding his hippie paradise in Down and Out in Kathmandu was so much fun to write. I used my own crazy experiences, gained while staying on one of the most perfect islands in the world – Koh Tao, Thailand – as the basis for that scene. A murder scene in Rituals of the Dead, in which one of my main characters is killed, still sends shivers up my spine when I re-read it! It took a lot of time to get right, which is why it’s become a favorite. I hope readers feel the same way, once it’s released in April.


Staying in with Jennifer S. Alderson… Linda’s Book Blog

Find out more about my historical fiction travel mysteries, combating baby brain and the importance of chocolate-covered cherries…

What else have you brought along and why?

For those who haven’t yet been, I wanted to share two photographs of Amsterdam. The first shot is of the Prinsengracht, one of my favorite canals. The tiny streets, many bridges, and stately homes make it so photogenic! I couldn’t resist including a photo of the Speigelgracht, a small canal close to where my fictitious art dealer’s gallery is located. You can also see the Rijksmuseum looming in the background. Several reviewers mentioned they loved ‘traveling’ to Amsterdam via The Lover’s Portrait. Those kinds of remarks really make me smile because I worked so hard to make the descriptions of my adopted hometown as accurate and inviting as possible…


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