The Lover's Portrait: An Art Mystery audiobook tour

Spotlight on The Lover’s Portrait Audiobook

Boy do I feel blessed! Last week The Lover’s Portrait: An Art Mystery​ audiobook went on tour and visited nine book blogs. I am so happy to see how well it was received by readers and bloggers!

My heartfelt thanks go out to Dab of Darkness Book Reviews​, Turning Another Page​, In Patti’s Imagination​, AudioSpy and The Book Addict’s Reviews​ for posting excellent 4 and 5 star reviews of it.

And also to T’s Stuff​, What Is That Book About​, Jazzy Book Reviews​, and History from a Woman’s Perspective: A Book Blog​ for shining a spotlight on it!


“I love a good art mystery, where the main character has to dig into the history of an art piece and try to figure out motivations of potential owners. It was a fun cozy listen with good pacing… Carol Purdom has a very pleasant voice to listen.” – Interview and Review on Dab of Darkness


“This is an art mystery for sure! Zelda is a lover of art, her character brought to life by Alderson and dropped into an adventure of rich proportions and dangerous men. Alderson has an intriguing novel for those readers who enjoy a good mystery with a hint of war history.

Alderson has a fantastic story line, filled with superb character development, originality, and creativity.” – Spotlight and Review on Turning Another Page


“This is a great Holocaust themed story. It would be a good intro into the horrors of  Natzi oppupied Europe.  I would recommend this to readers middle school or older.   I love that the author describes the city and the paintings in such vivid detail. The strong-willed intelligent, Zelda was going to find justice even if it means facing a murder, liar, a pretious museum worker, a larger than life victim and a fly boy friend.  I could see this as a Hallmark movie.” – Spotlight and Review on In Patti’s Imagination


“The Lover’s Portrait art mystery is top notch and worthy of 5 stars. The mystery is highly cerebral, the characters entertaining, and the writing is well done. Very satisfying book. Narrator Carol Purdom does a skillful job of bringing Zelda Richardson fully to life. I though she was a perfect match for the protagonist. Carol’s voice is very sweet and potrayed Zelda as a innocent, determined, amateur sleuth who should’n’t be taken lightly. The book has great suspense and sufficient tension throughout the story which made it much better in my opinion.” – Spotlight and Review on AudioSpy


“The narrator did an excellent job she was able to make all the characters distinct and interesting! Audio quality was excellent too. 5/5 stars. The novel was great as well, I thought it was exciting and interesting and well thought out! 5/5 stars!” – Review on The Book Addict’s Reviews



You can also listen to a sample and learn more about me and the book in The Book Junkie Reads’ author interview.

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It was fun answering questions about my art mystery, travel, and my adopted hometown of Amsterdam over on What Is That Book About blog!

Learn more about me and my art mysteries on Jazzy Book Reviews!

Happy to see The Lover’s Portrait featured on History From a Woman’s Perspective book blog!

And a big hug to Audiobookworm Promotions​ for organizing the tour.


Jennifer S. Alderson

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