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Three new interviews: Indie Publishing Group, Birds of a Feather Press and Wandering with Melissa

It is always an honor to be featured on websites and blogs dedicated to writing, publishing and travel. I am so lucky to have been interviewed by Ben Jackson for the Indie Publishing Group, Jay Artale for Birds of a Feather Press and Melissa Burovac for her site, Wandering with Melissa.

If you want to learn more about me or my books, these would be a great place to start 🙂  Happy reading and travels, everyone!


Ben Jackson’s Indie Publishing Group: Author Interview with Jennifer S. Alderson

Which is your favorite book you have written and what gave you the idea for it?

The Lover’s Portrait, my second novel, is my favorite. It gave me a chance to write about museums, Amsterdam, and art – topics near and dear to my heart.

During art history lectures at the University of Amsterdam, the complexities surrounding the restitution of artwork stolen by the Nazis was often discussed. I found myself wondering what would happen if two people showed up seventy years later and claimed the same painting. How would the museum and national press react? This question became central to the plot of my amateur mystery.


Jay Artale’s Birds of a Feather Press website: Birds of a Feather welcomes Jennifer S. Alderson to the nest

I recently joined Jennifer’s Facebook group called “Travel By Book“, which is a community for readers and authors of all genres of travel fiction and non-fiction! Readers can share their favorite travel novels, books and guides. Bloggers can share their latest travel and book related articles, and Authors can post promos about their books, travel-oriented blogs about their books and reviews.

Today Jennifer is taking a break from her community-building activities to share tips and insights about her self-publishing journey.


Melissa Burovac’s blog, Wandering with Melissa: Introducing author Jennifer S. Alderson

Aloha readers!

Today I’m especially happy to introduce author Jennifer S. Alderson – a fellow traveler, writer, and all-around neat-o woman. We connected several months ago, and besides writing interesting books that combine fiction with the specific geographical settings of her travels, she has taught me a lot about supporting other indie authors. Her latest venture, aside from her newest book coming out, is Travel by Book, a Facebook page Jennifer administers to recognize the work of travel writers; whether you’re a reader or a writer, if you enjoy writing with a sense of place – fiction or memoir – join this page and find great new books to read.

Jennifer S. Alderson

Hello! I am the author of the Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery series, the Zelda Richardson Art Mystery series, and Adventures in Backpacking novels. I love to write and blog about travel, art, museums, expat life, and great books. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ben Jackson

    It was a pleasure having you Jennifer! Always happy to help spread a little bit of love for Indie Authors and give back to the Indie Author Community.

    1. Jennifer S. Alderson

      That’s incredibly kind of you, Ben! I enjoy reading the author interviews on your site and your tips for writers. Keep up the great work!

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