You are currently viewing MTW 2017 Wrap Up and Hello MTW 2018!

MTW 2017 Wrap Up and Hello MTW 2018!

Participating in Mystery Thriller Week 2017 has been an amazing experience.

I’ve seen an increase in the sales of both of my books, have collaborated and cross-promoted with fabulous authors writing in similar sub-genres, and have picked up a plethora of new and effective marketing tips.

Best of all, I have connected with a supportive and generous community of mystery and thriller authors I wouldn’t have ‘met’ otherwise and have reached a new, broader base of readers and reviewers I hope will become fans.

I’m already looking forward to next year!


A Look Back at MTW 2017

One of the amazing event organizers, Vicki Turner Goodwin, posted a wonderful wrap up of the Mystery Thriller Week After Party here, including a list of the award winners.

I am pleased and honored to have won the award for Most Reviewed Author during Mystery Thriller Week!


Speaking of reviews, MTW author Janice Richardson bought my books during the Super Sale and has already posted two glorious reviews of my books. I am humbled by her insight and proud to now have reviews of both on Amazon Canada.


The Lover’s Portrait:

“More than just a story – this book is a work of ‘writing’ art. It is alive in its language and description.

Beautifully told, the story of Zelda’s search for art stolen from Dutch owners in World War II comes to life. While a work of fiction, Ms. Alderson’s meticulous research makes for a rich learning experience. It is a breathtaking tale.

Another five star hit from this author.”


Down and Out in Kathmandu:


What a ride.

It isn’t every day you find a book that keeps you up late and is hard to put down. Down and Out in Kathmandu was such a book.

We were all there once, young, idealistic and self-centered. Zelda, Ian, Tommy – looking for adventure and meaning, finally realizing that they were responsible for their own actions and happiness.

The story builds slowly, teasing you until the final chapters. I was holding my breath.

Definitely a 5 star read.”


Name a Character Giveaway Winner

Jennifer S. Alderson blog mega giveawayI also wish to congratulate Aliya DalRae on winning my MTW Name a Character Mega Giveaway with her winning entry: Elizabeth P. Jansen!

It was so difficult choosing one name! I tried to envision the characters based on the names provided, and decided that Elizabeth P. Jansen is the perfect rival for my main character Zelda Richardson. Having Canadian-Flemish parents allows her to study in the Netherlands without having trouble getting a visa and she knows the language thanks to her Belgian father. Her self-assuredness and multi-cultural background is sure to drive Zelda insane.

Congratulations! THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for participating and making it fun!

If you aren’t Aliya, please don’t fret; everyone who entered the contest wins either The Lover’s Portrait or Down and Out in Kathmandu. (Please check your email for more information).


The Future in Now

I really enjoyed collaborating with so many wonderful MTW authors this year and want to continue sharing articles or features written by MTW authors. I would love to post on my blog articles about historical mysteries, art history, art exhibitions, travel, research conducted when writing your book, the use of setting in your novel, or another related topic. Please send me a message via Facebook or email me at with your idea.

It was a pleasure to share articles by Marie Silk, Paul Russell Parker III, Zaheera Walker, Sarah Key, Colin Garrow, Catherine Dilts, Michael Smorenburg and more on my blog during MTW. They are all great examples of the types of posts I’m interested in. You can find them on my blog under the Category Mystery Thriller Week, Guest Post.


Sign up is open for 2018!

Fellow authors, bloggers and reviewers: Sign up for Mystery Thriller Week 2018 is open! Find out more and sign up now on the Mystery Thriller Week website.

I hope to see you there!

Jennifer S. Alderson

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